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Mellem Stjernerne og Himlen

1. "LOVE" 2011, 6x10 m. Neon Lights and dichroic plexiglas 2. "The Wheel" 2001, 3 m. in diameter. Wood gold leef and flourescent tubes 3. "3 Stars" 2004, 3 m. in diameter. Neon lights 4. "Compassion" 2005, 70x9 m. brass, acrylic paint, spots. Filter and flourescent tubes 5. "Green Light" 2012, installation, green neon and green flourescent tubes 6. "Yellow Shadow" 2003, 190x190 cm., acrylic on canvas 7. "Dark Magician" 2004, 190x190 cm., acrylic on canvas 8. "Purple Grid" 1998, 190x190 cm., acrylic on canvas 9. "Blue and Pink" 2011, installation, neon 10. "Namaste" 2011, 12 photos 33x45 cm., RBG spot and ladder